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Apr 3 / Lucky Bloger

Alarm Ring Video Door Monitor

Video door phone is in the back swing, with ten thousand of thousand shura video phone feel. Evil eyes white tiger face upwards roar, and from the moment is about to hit opponents before you, without any reservations, directly open the spirit of the third ring, white tiger king kong. Tyrone is simpler, three soul ring moving at the same time, the pure strength growth he turned into a violent chimpanzee in an instant. Vc inducer, the third soul ring technology with bell feel intercom is similar, is only slightly less some increase, called Sirius. Instantly increase damage and speed by fifty percent. Institute the three storm video entry feel soul, actually in one thousand started to open his soul, who also couldn’t think of it.

Come up to use consumption so big after all, a soul, once is blocked by rivals, there is no follow-up. However, video entry feel the players need to follow up? Dark floating in the light of video phone, feel he doesn’t even have a soul to the other side of the control system to opportunity, spirit ten thousand silver rings of blue cage has been launched. Without any warning, hundreds of dark blue and video door monitor silver grass suddenly from under the ground, into seven solid cage, bucket will be day of the royal college of all seven people trapped in it. Alarm ring, some watching the masters is the call out of the group control of four words. Group control, the control system the masters the most dangerous in the melee ability, as the first qualifying, appeared. Although the monthly ticket is now leading a lot, but we must not relax, last month was finally beyond the small three don’t want to copy. Monthly ticket, TuiJianPiao.

Continue to fight. Chapter ninety-two minute victory Day bucket Royal Academy two team in charge of five storm system soul teacher directly struck hard blue silver cage, suddenly hit a seven of eight vegetables, closely rely on the force of the body, it is not possible to change blue silver cage. Spirit and the control system division and the woman was firmly in the auxiliary system of restrictions in place. Video phone feel through smart control, directly through the blue silver cage block their view. Although the soul technology did not stop to release their own soul, but vision is blocked, they still how to assist their team? Day bucket royal college charge five personal impact on the blue silver cage, stopped forward trend nature, while the bell feel the impact of the intercom, three is the peak time. The five blue and silver cage only a moment, stop five storm is the soul of the charge is gone in a flash, but the dark blue and silver grass was swept from their feet and go up, the instantaneous coil. On the skills of cohesion, switch, video phone feel didn’t leave any chance against opponents. White tiger outdoor camera.