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Apr 27 / Lucky Bloger

Video Door Intercom Force Fluctuations

Their own eyes can see these really. This document is placed in front of him, the division of a soul, the soul of the division named. Door phone intercom. Information in great detail, from the door phone intercom to Chinese Outlet registered first, to confirm the identity of the soul ‘to every time he receive the soul of the division subsidies and increase the the soul ring after the title enhance every, every detail has. For what kind of soul ring, how many soul force, which is not Salas took a fancy to seven times, he saw reason to repeat itself so many times, really just watch a number, representing the digital age. 14 years old, only 14 years old.

From the 15-year-old in a few months time. Soul were more than forty. 14-year-old soul were. Fourth ring soul Manning level. Patted his forehead, Salas really do not want to believe this is true. Stood up, Salas went to the bookcase and desk, raising his hand to pull a heavy book on the shelf, along with a burst of machine including sound rattle, the bookcase slowly away to the side, exposing the wall. A square metal plate wall exudes a touch of soul force fluctuations, it is clear that this piece of metal plate but a soul-off on the right palm, suddenly, a layer of red light from a metal plate that comes out instant coverage in the palm of your hand on top of Salas. Is a burst of machine including sound, the metal plate retraction slowly, revealing a square space, little space, only a square foot. Placed inside video door phone wholesale for all the world.